DBT Programs

Clinical Services For Clients: Path to Effective Living
The evidence based treatment model founded and developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan and researched through Behavioral Tech. The Comprehensive DBT program includes the following four core components:

DBT Skills Training Groups (weekly)
This is a 2-hour weekly skills training group that provides education, skills practice and support. This is a group formed to teach skills, reinforce skills learned and provide education and information on new skills taught each week.

Individual/Family Therapy (weekly)
Individual therapy consists of one to two 50-minute session per week with a highly trained DBT therapist.

Telephone Coaching (as needed)
Clients may contact their DBT therapist/skills trainer outside of their sessions. Coaching is encouraged to generalize the new skills learned to the “outside world”.

Consultation Team (for DBT Therapists and DBT Skills Trainers)
Therapist attends a weekly DBT consultation team.

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